Comments: Why I don't use UPS we me off at anytime Contagion.

I ordered a C.D. from ammmmaazonnn.

They sent it...I recieved it. At the same delivery, however, I recieved a second delivery of a rap-shit cd. The shipping invoice IN the package of the rap-shit cd, clearly did not match the shipping lable on the cd that arrived, but did have the correct addy of the person who ordered it. Ok...fuckups happen, right?

So...I call them......and after a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE menu of pressing numbers for this that and the other...and 30 minutes later...I get a 'human' to talk to. Kewl...a voice to speak with right? Hehehehe...yeah right. So I tell them of THEIR shipping mistake, and that I'm sure this rap shit eating customer MIGHT be concerned when he does his tracking that THEY will show it as delivered, when in fact he KNOWS he hasn't recieved his crappy cd, and they tell me to just tape the invoice lable found on the inside of the box, on the outside, and take it to the post office..and they will deliver it to the appropriate customer. wit me on dis?

I told them...hey! I ain't the friggin post office and the post office wasn't gonna pay for their screw up, and by gawd neither was I!

So..fer shits and grinz I went to the post office and talked to them...and guess whut? We all got to laugh our asses off at the expense of

Anyway...I might reckon the rap lovin' ass is still wondering where his frikkin tape is and ammmazzzzzzzzon is still tellin' him he recieved it. Christ, he may believe it by now.

BTW...Loved one and I played a rap koot down on that rap shit cd.

Posted by imp at March 9, 2006 06:48 PM

That happens to me frequently. In fact. UPS "delivered" a package worth $200.00 to my folks. Showed delivered, yet, it never got there. I suspect someone kept the rather nice package and wasn't as honest as you!

Posted by ododybobo at March 10, 2006 08:12 AM

I'm a FedEx guy myself just for these reasons.

Same situation, same lacksadasial approach to my problem.

Only it was a 372 Air Beam Safe CDMA routers valued at $15k a pop

Fortunately I had argued against using UPS, so when the heads rolled mine wasn't among them, heh

Posted by BloodSpite at March 10, 2006 09:19 AM

The brown truck that delivers in our neighborhood has super service. He'll ring the bell and wait a few for you to answer, when no signature is required, then wave. Once a package left on the porch for pick up return beared a guest's name. He rang the bell to ensure that this was the package I wanted sent back. The service was above and beyond. I called headquarters to let them know the exceptional service their employee provided. That night at 7 p.m. my door bell rang and there stood the brown guy with a bouquet of flowers and a deep felt appreciation for what I'd done. Shoot he did the work...I just recognize good work.

Posted by h~ at March 10, 2006 01:42 PM