Eww! Why would you want to knit standing up? :)


Posted by Erin at April 19, 2006 06:25 AM

The binary hat is the coolest!

Posted by Vonn at April 19, 2006 02:06 PM

Here's one from a Jersey Knitter.

Posted by Jim - PRS at April 21, 2006 06:57 AM

My friend's sister in law taught my 6 year old to finger knit while we were all on vacation a few years ago, and she loves it. On the flight home she knitted a rope (a belt? a scarf?) that was literally 20' long.

Posted by pedro at April 22, 2006 12:21 PM

Just wanted to let you know that I FINALLY picked my knitting back up this week. We are making a long car trip across the U.S. and I am so happy to have something to keep my hands busy! I been feeling so guilty every time you talk about your knitting students - I haven't touched my blanket since Gabi was born - but you'll be happy to know, that I'm back on track. Too bad I didn't work on this more while you were still around to teach me some new stuff! Oh well... guess I'll have to resort to learning on-line like Vonn! Miss you! Good luck with your move!

Posted by Jen D at May 2, 2006 01:41 AM