Comments: That's the way it was.

I am so glad I am alive right now. When my boys eventually drag me off to camping, I want bug spray, water in bottles and all the other comforts of home. Unlike those idiot women who 'volunteer' to do the old days. First off, if those women truly lived like they did back then, they would NOT have time to bitch and complain. They would be exhausted at the end of the day and sleep the night. They wouldn't wonder what their hubby was doing and if it was 'more fun'. Ugh. Ok, I had to let loose because I watch those shows as well... and it just amazes me. I am so happy to have a vacuum cleaner, dish washer, stores to buy clothes and more.

Posted by vw bug at May 6, 2006 07:24 AM

"life back then wasn’t fair"

You mean it's fair now? Damn.

"Grau and I wearing kilts in a high wind"

Oh, I did NOT need that one.

Posted by Ogre at May 9, 2006 01:07 PM

"Fair" is a complexion, and that's all it is.

Posted by Wes at May 10, 2006 09:34 AM