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I also loved the media uproar about allegations that US soldiers beat him up afterwards. Yes, I understand the Geneva Conventions, but it irks me that some people seem to get more upset about allegations of soldiers punching Saddam Hussein as his crawls out of his hole in the ground, and punching Zarqawi after dropping two 500 pound bombs on him, than getting upset at all the cruelties those two have perpetrated. Oh, the irony. (I think in both cases it didn't happen, with Saddam it was their Iraqi translator who went ape-sh*t on Saddam when he crawled out of the hole, and I doubt that soldiers were beating Zarqawi up, or let me just say I don't exactly trust the testimony of the neighbor, who after days and possibly weeks of living next to a safe-house, suddenly became oh-so-observant and objective.)

Posted by calivalleygirl at June 13, 2006 04:19 AM