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1. Landmines suck. Obviously. Who's defending them anyway? Wait a minute - How is it a perogative for liberals to say this ??? What the Hell are you talking about?

2. Anti-war protesters can only try to be effective against actions by their own governments. Human shields don't work against people who's purpose it is to try to kill you. Ya know?

3. Ending sanctions is a good thing. But what does it matter if sanctions are removed after the country is destroyed and 100 000 civilians or more are dead? Do you think people there are better off now? How about not starving the people in the first place? Now there's a good course of action.

4. I think the republicans are responsible for making homosexual rights a poisonous political topic. Fuck you (Mr. Hitchens) for even suggesting that it's the democrat's reponsibility to increase the size of the army by recruiting more gays. In your world, gays are going to burn on a lake of fire forever after they die, so I don't know what I could possibly say to convince them to go to war.

In sum: You created this shit-hole. Live with it. Iraq is not a good testing ground for the relevance of progressive ideas. Progressive ideas have no relevance in a war zone. You've made the world into a war zone, so basically, progressive ideas have no relevance whatsoever anymore. So good. That's a weight off my shoulders. Bring on the fascism! We're all dead in 50 years anyway.

Posted by Will at June 29, 2006 08:04 PM