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Mama: I inserted your blogroll from your old site, installend some roll-down comments and extended extry thingys, inserted the MuNu membership script that lists everyone alphabetically, enabled your category archives, installed code to list your trackback pings under the by-lne. That should get you up and running for now. I need to help some of the others get up too so we'll come back and finish later. Take a look at how everything is ordered in the sidebar and we'll change it around when you decide how you want it. I'll need to inster the categories archive code too.

Posted by Madfish Willie at April 4, 2004 02:20 AM

As I said in my email, you are awesome.

Take your time. Take your time. I'm perfectly contented to play about in here and in there. Don't rush on my account. This looks awesome.

Did I do okay in the meantime? I just hope I didn't overly complicate things for you by playing with the template and such.

Posted by Mamamontezz at April 4, 2004 02:34 AM

No... knock yourself out! Pretty blue colors! My high school colors were blue and gold, so it kind of grows on me. Later....

Posted by Madfish Willie at April 4, 2004 02:43 AM

More tweaking... In your main template, you will find a line that says: <$MTInclude module="OldLinks"$ />. That is a "module template" that contains all the links from your old site. To edit this module, go to the bottom of the template editing page. You will see a link to a file named OldLinks. That's the one.

I inserted some images from your old site. If you want to move the banner text down, go to your stylesheet under

#banner {

and insert this code:


You will have to adjust the "150px" part to get it to line up where you want it to. Might have to play with it a few times to get it right. Good Luck!

Posted by Madfish Willie at April 4, 2004 04:11 AM

Damn! I can't believe I missed the Yay-fest in the below post. Sorry I'm so late. . . but YAY! anyway. ;o)

Nice colors -- I just love the cool, soothing blue. You rawk!


Posted by Emma at April 5, 2004 02:19 AM

poker me up

Posted by poker me up at December 30, 2004 02:11 PM

I heard of your site and just wanted to see what´s up here. Really nice place. See you again sometime.

Posted by Tendra Jane at January 17, 2005 04:34 AM
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