Comments: Relevant speed.

It's total oblivion. They have no idea the speed limit changed. Same thing happens to me on the way in. Most of the way the limit is 65 so I go about 72. I'm at an average speed. When the speed limit drops to 55, I drop to 63 and I'm the slowest car on the road.

Posted by Ogre at November 29, 2006 08:04 AM

I have concluded that many people drive a straight 45 mph no matter what the speed limit is on the road. They'll go 45 thru a subdivision with kids in the yards and 45 on the highway with a 65 mph speed limit. Makes me want to have some of James Bond's car toys to play with...

Posted by Teresa at November 29, 2006 04:04 PM

Hey, I have had the answer for a long time- paintball. People just freak when you say it.

Posted by og at November 30, 2006 05:52 AM