Comments: Poor kid.

I *hate* Rx antibiotics - they're often some pretty harsh stuff.

Since he's so advanced in his symptoms, it's almost closing the barn door after the horse is out, but you might shorten the length of his suffering this way...

If you have a nutritionist (health food) store nearby, grab some Olive Leaf Extract. Sublingual is probably faster-acting (especially if it's difficult to swallow pills) but the taste will probably make him hurl. You'd definitely only trick him ONCE! (Even I won't take the liquid - blecch!)

For the pinkeye and earache, I'd recommend Colloidal Silver - topical. The two working together ought to put the little guy straight in no time (OLE will help the external conditions as well).

I'm not a granola-nuts-twigs-and-bark kinda guy - but someone turned me onto these two in my darkest hours of suffering a few years ago. I've been sold on 'em ever since... Skeptical? Good. Do the research yourself! :)

I will say that since Mrs. Who spends her days with little rugrat-vectors, she tends to bring a lot of crap home with her. I used to get sick whenever there was an outbreak in her classroom. Now, whenever I'm aware that I've been around someone who is sick, or if I feel like I *may* be coming down with something, or if I'm in a situation like, say, being stuck in an AIRPLANE full of coughing idiots - I take Olive Leaf, and maybe spray my eyes, throat and sinuses with Colloidal Silver. It saves me from getting sick nearly every time.

(I even tried c.silver internally when I got food poisoning one time - I was fine in no time at all. Internal use of colloidal silver is a bit more dodgy, however.)

For cold symptoms, I've tried Zinc with little or no overall 'dramatic' success. Of course combined with vitamins C and E it's better, but still not as effective as olive leaf and silver...

Mrs. Who used to be skeptical - now she's hooked on my "voodoo" too! :)

Posted by Bitterroot at February 16, 2007 06:11 PM