Comments: School's Out

Congrats on finishing up the year! DD officially finished at the end of May from the Charter school we use, but it didn't really change anything here since we don't generally use texts. But I did want to suggest that you try to get a hold of someone's Math U See books and take a good look at them. We had the Primer (Kinder) for dd and I had several problems with it - lots of repetition which we got around by skipping tons of pages, and a lack of problem solving. I looked at other grade levels and still found the thought process to be missing. The word problems followed the pattern that the other problems on the page followed, or even worse, provided the operation so all the kid needed to do was plug in the numbers and compute. DD also spent more time playing with the manipulatives than she did using them for math. It was nice in that she could watch it by herself. I picked up Singapore Math in case we decide to do text math next year. I LOVE their intensive practice workbook challenge problems. The one drawback to this program is that if you get and use all 3 books you will end up with too much busy work. I plan on picking and choosing which pages/problems we do if I do it.

I've added your SS ideas for next year to my list of things to check out. You have the same problems with SOTW as I do.

Posted by Beth at June 25, 2007 07:06 PM

Wow - congratulations! It sounds as if it was a successful year, and like next year will be even better. From what you've said about your eldest, it may be difficult to keep ahead of him in a few years.

If the 4 year old wants to do "homework" on cleaning and cooking, or an intensive course in basic sewing, I would happily take her for a week or so :^). Reasoning and math skills can be learned in tons of things.

Posted by Diane at June 26, 2007 06:26 AM