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posted by Madfish Willie on April 11, 2004 03:35 AM

Praesent ut nunc vel justo blandit tempor. Curabitur iaculis arcu vel velit. Vivamus placerat augue et turpis.

posted by Madfish Willie on April 11, 2004 03:40 AM

E pluribus unum! Cave canem!

posted by Pixy Misa on April 11, 2004 04:24 PM

Hi Key! Nifty new digs you've got here--congratulations on ditching blogspot!

posted by david on April 12, 2004 04:50 AM

"hic haec hoc, latin is a joke" That's all i remember from 2 years in high school.

Anyways, Yay! Welcome to!

posted by annika on April 12, 2004 09:55 PM

So who has the key to the cheese locker?

posted by Mr Mouse on April 13, 2004 03:50 AM

All my latin comes from "The Life of Brian", and even that's in the wrong tense.

posted by Simon on April 14, 2004 06:18 AM

The only latin I know is "fellatio"


Nice makeover!

posted by Jesse Brown on April 14, 2004 11:05 PM

Oh yah, i know that word too.

(Did i say that? i did not just say that.)

posted by annika on April 15, 2004 07:59 AM

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