Comments: Garbage.

Is anyone else out there thinking he should not have been so "quick" to get rid of that squirrel carcass?? think......BOOBY TRAP....

Posted by Sarah at July 18, 2007 05:46 PM

Old trick we would use for raccoons, possums, squirrels and homeless vagrants.

Hot sauce.

Specifically Daves Insanity Sauce.

Pour about half a bottle per can all over the bag.

I gar-rontee after about twice they'll avoid your garbage like the plague, since it makes even your hands burn...

Posted by BloodSpite at July 19, 2007 07:02 AM

As for the neighbor averting eye contact, maybe you should write him a nice note... in pencil?

Posted by Roses at July 19, 2007 07:52 PM