Comments: Emerging from my Harry Potter Haze...

I was SO happy when Neville turned out to be such a hero! The parts that bothered me the most - the students who died fighting in Hogwarts, Dobby ::sniffle::. I was thrilled when Molly Weasley kicked Bella's butt! I laughed out loud at that scene. And what about Kreatcher? He was awesome!! Ack! There's so much I loved about the book, I feel like I am going to pop!

Posted by Kate at July 22, 2007 04:44 PM

I loved the thing insanely, but I haven't wanted to get too excited around Jay since he's only a bit more than halfway through it. The way that man reads my mind, he'd figure some of it out by my extreme level of happiness. Ditto on Snape. If he hadn't turned out to be exactly who I thought he was, I'd have been crushed. I really appreciated that she went ahead and let things unfold logically, rather than trying to be all tricksy. Well done. Very well done. And can I say again that I'm happy the Snape thing turned out the way it was supposed to? LOL.

Posted by Deb at July 22, 2007 05:37 PM

Got my copy Saturday, but haven't read it yet. Instead I am doing what I promised myself... going back and reading from the very first book, slowly, enjoying it. When I finally get to book 7 it'll be that much better!
Yeah, I should take my temp; I could be SICK! LOL!

Posted by pam at July 23, 2007 05:32 AM

I love that JK broke with tradition and formula on this one. It felt much more adult somehow. I, too, was not surprised with Snape's revelations. I was a bit peeved at one thing, however. I feel that Dumbledore's compartmentalization of information really hurt the Order.

I continue to see about a bajillion symetries between the story and WWII, but that's nothing new.

I loved the way that Kreacher transformed after being shown some kindness. I liked the addition of a pragmatic and realistic Aberforth. It really really upset me when both Tonks and Lupin died, leaving their child orphaned like Harry was. Dobby's death didn't hit me as hard, but it was nice to see him go out on his own terms and in a noble endeavor. I really liked seeing the entire magical community rally there at the end. Somehow, it pleased me to see the Malfoys brought so low and then redeemed, if grudgingly. Snapes death made me really angry but not because I felt sorry for him, but because it so purely defined Voldemort: so evil that he would kill even his most trusted lieutenant (however wrongly - he never knew that Snape had betrayed him) for an advantage - without really thinking things through.

Posted by Phoenix at July 23, 2007 09:34 AM

What I most wanted from the books was Snape being innocent, and he was, so I was happy.

Posted by Ith at July 23, 2007 03:55 PM

I too was surprised by the Harry/Ginny and in the epilogue, the Ron/Hermione romances/marriage + kids thing. I think it was a little strange given that in the other books Ron and hermione always seem to bicker and argue, whereas Harry and Hermione really seemed close. I was expecting them to hook up. It was almost as if both H/Hr were too afraid to tell each other of their love and it fell through. Harry did save Ginny's life, and he does seem to like her. They never kiss though (?)And in the 6th book Ron is all over Lavender. You'd think they would be the couple in the end, Harry + Hermione, and Ron + Lavender.

Posted by Francis at July 27, 2007 05:42 PM