Marry me Rachel Lucas.

Posted by tim at September 18, 2007 04:00 PM

Have a great time!!

Posted by Butterfly Wife at September 18, 2007 05:19 PM

Have a great time!

As for contact solution - now you know why I recently bought a new pair of glasses - I'm tired of trying to work around that so I'm cutting out the annoyance. Although I did find something small (can't remember what it was) the last time I traveled. *sigh*

One thing I didn't check was Minimus.b-i-z (remove the dashes, someone blacklisted the damn extension!) They are Soldier's Angels they do travel sized stuff - you might want to check them out and see if they have sizes you want. (or click over to my blog, they're on my sidebar under companies that support our troops)

Posted by Teresa at September 18, 2007 09:32 PM

fyi - You can pack 3 oz containers of your travel size stuff. (I am no expert on contact lens solution packaging.) And all your gels and liquids (each 3 oz or less) needs to fit in a clear 1 quart plastic bag. I usually put that in a gallon bag so I have "secondary containment." And you can pick up some decent bottles to fill at most drugstores for $1 each or less. (I hate buying travel size for shampoo and lotion - yes, many hotels provide, but I like what I like.) And yes, I am a bit of a geek, but this has worked well as I travel around the US and globe.
Have a great trip!

Posted by jck at September 18, 2007 10:12 PM

Jck - since lense solution has to be sterile or you risk eye infection, it's a really bad idea to transfer it to another container. That's the really sucky part. *sigh*

Posted by Teresa at September 20, 2007 11:04 PM