Comments: The Third Party Movement


Understandable sentiments. The last time we had a third party movement it gave us Bill Clinton which then created Hillary Clinton, all for the ego of Ross Perot and the wasting of 18% of mostly conservative American voters. As much as I do share your political philosophy, when faced with a choice of good or bad, that's easy, when faced with the choice of bad or bad, that's easy too. The only President I have ever voted for, was Ronald Reagan. Every other time was against the other candidate.

Like you, nobody in the Republican party excites me at all; everybody in the Democratic party does, reason enough to vote Republican yet again as a vote driven out of stark terror at the thought of Hillary Clinton appointing Barbara Streisand or someone to the left of even her to the Supreme Court.

Other than that I'm with you.

Jerry Grace

Posted by Jerry Grace at October 4, 2007 03:13 PM
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