Comments: Just so you know.....

I love sweet cornbread now. I made a pan today to go along with the Chili.

Posted by stacy lee at October 7, 2007 02:41 PM

Man, I want some of Stacy's cornbread! It's gotta be sweet. Can you use honey butter on yours to sweeten it up?

Posted by Butterfly Wife at October 7, 2007 03:15 PM


OK another lecture...and then I will shut up...

As long as you are moving, you do not have to change your diet...


I enjoy food far too much.....and so do you.

although bacon grease will give you a heart attack.

Posted by armywifetoddlermom at October 7, 2007 03:19 PM

Off topic

Per Cold Case: I DVRed tonight's episode to give it one last chance, and your comment makes me think they've blown it...

Of course, I never got over the snotty comment two years ago when Scotty said, "You were in the National Guard and did drugs? Heck, you could be president."

Posted by Sarah at October 7, 2007 09:19 PM

Please explain persactly why you are not using buttermilk. Now I'll admit to not being a culinary guru but every bottle of buttermilk I've seen in the store reads "low fat buttermilk" right there on the label.

Posted by Peter at October 7, 2007 09:21 PM

Peter - it's because the Buttermilk and BACON grease were the secret. I still do that, but only on very special occassions.

I make cornbread too often. I was packin' the pounds on BIG TIME!

Sarah..putting a post up in the morning. I missed that NG episode you mentioned. Yeah, they blew it.....

Posted by Tammi at October 7, 2007 09:35 PM

I don't know how to replace the bacon grease (it is very bad for you, and Pam sprays are NOT unhealthy), but the buttermilk is probably fine. Also, use raw sugar (turbinado sugar, evaporated cane juice, either one of those). It's not nearly as bad for you as refined sugar.

Posted by sarahk at October 9, 2007 10:00 AM