Comments: Great Lakes Christmas Ale

In the spirits(pun intended)of the season *^hick^* I would like to give you a gift.

The gift of :

A suggestion of a beer to review.
Samuel Adams Winter Lager. Like the Great Lakes Christmas Ale it has a bit of cinnamon scent and taste. I found it particularly enjoyable on snowy nights.

Also, I have not tried them but intend to as soon as I spot them in the local store, Samuel Adams has a couple of other Christmas/Winter brews that sound good.
1. Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig Ale. Described as the Christmas cookie of beer, bursting with spices of the season and a remarkably full body.
2.Samuel Adams Holiday Porter. 5 varieties of malted barley, including a variety of German Malt called Carafa.

I thought both of these sounded good.
They also have a 4th Christmas/Winter beer, called Samuel Adams Cranberry Lambic. I, personally, am not one who cares for fruit beer or cranberries, but this is out there.

Posted by Petey at December 6, 2007 08:53 AM