Comments: Book Review: We Deserve Better by Hemlock
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Okay, it's been two months since your last post and now you say future postings will be "far more infrequent." Does that mean just once a year.

That's a shame because back in your "hey day" I thought this was one of the most essential sites in HK.

But I do understand how life has a way of getting in the way and priorities changing over time.

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Okay, it's been two months since your last post and now CRMyou say future postings will be "far more infrequent." Does that mean just once a year.

Posted by CRM at December 30, 2007 04:10 AM #PermaLink

I hope not...but the famous show business maxim is to keep 'em guessing...

Posted by Simon at January 3, 2008 09:48 AM #PermaLink

I thoroughly enjoyed 'We Deserve Better' and by and large agreed with Hemlock's final summations. I picked it up last summer whilst in England and it sits happily on my bookshelf in Malta at the moment, having been sufficiently entertaining and provocative to earn a spot in my luggage when I moved.

A future in which Hong Kong's local political discourse and indeed progression, is relevent is probably only acheivable by the means he sets out.

I'll be back in the Big Lychee on business at some point during the year but Hemlock's measured extrapolation of Hong Kong's course since 1997 seems (and indeed has already proven) so clairvoyant that the act of actually revisiting Hong Kong in order to gauge its circumstances, joins 'asking a taxi driver's opinion' in the pages of the Big Book of Political Frivolities.

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I'd love daily posts, but will be happy with quarterly. I haven't got around to relaunching yet -- but I'm far more infrequent than you already. Actually, care to join the new AP? I mentioned the group blog to Running Dog about a year ago and he was keen. We could have a infrequently posted metablog.

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