Comments: This is not a good week.

Hello Fred Thompson Supporters,

I am a Ron Paul supporter, formally a Fred Thompson supporter. I wanted to invite everyone hear to check out Ron Paul. You may not agree with him on all the issues, I don't. But, he is very similar to Thompson in many ways. Both are very honest and say what they mean.

Now that Thompson has stepped out and Duncan Hunter stepped out on Saturday, Paul is the only fiscal and moral conservative left.

McCain, Huck, and Romney are spenders and Rudy is all over the map morally.

Please check out Ron Paul's site. He isn't Fred Thompson, but he is a real conservative. The only one left in this race.

Posted by bucko158 at January 22, 2008 02:44 PM

Contagion for President? I thought that would be Contagion for World Dominator! :)

Posted by Bou at January 22, 2008 09:16 PM