I left a comment related to this topic yesterday on your Obama post but the site didn't process it. I completely agree. I was a big fan of Guiliani, yet another Republican the so-called "hard right" of the party groaned about for months for being too moderate. I had a hard time understanding this because in my mind, if he was eager to lower taxes, cut entitlement spending, and get aggressive on defense and national security, he was a great candidate. The very socially conservative wing of the party wants to be the party's identity and are now doing everything possible to ensure a democratic win (in my opinion) by bashing McCain at every available opportunity. I think the reality is that many Republicans don't relate any more to the evangelical right than many democrats do...but they care deeply about out-of-control spending, suffocating taxes, and terrorism.

Posted by Nicole at February 21, 2008 09:41 PM

Good post Sarah.

“We need to stop letting Democrats get away with "stage one thinking" and start pulling more people into our tent.”

I totally agree with that. I’ll never understand why “we” let “them” continually drag the debate into nonsense.

However, your next line “Why are the same people thrilled that Lieberman moved slightly right of center but appalled over John McCain? Is easy to explain, Lieberman is liberal D Senator who is hawkish, McCain is a R trying to claim he’s a conservative while running for president but he is not. Kind’a apple/oranges stuff. (BTW, I’ll be voting for the Maverick.)

Posted by tim at February 22, 2008 12:53 PM