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Hey, on the up side you're getting into heaven and they're not, right?

I'd tend to run from anything Jonah Goldberg said, but that's me.

- temple

Posted by Temple Stark at April 6, 2008 11:18 PM

First off Bozo, the Darwin fish denies God in general, whether you call it God or Allah. As for false bravado, I've had my car keyed, I got cut off and not to mention flipped off just yesterday by a nice christian gentleman who saceamed as he passed "You're gonna burn in hell!"

Yes, I find "srtong" Muslims as annoying as "strong" Christians but it is not Muslims who come to my door to evangalize. It's not my Muslim neighbors who constantly ask me and my family to "visit" their church. It is not Muslim children telling my kids that they are going to hell because their parents don't take them to church.
If Christians have died for their beliefs, oh well, that's their problem, get over it.

Posted by Rudq at July 27, 2008 05:30 AM


First of all, thanks for proving my point. You're a perfect example of the kind of tolerance that people practice -- in fact, you'd make a pretty good fundamentalist yourself. Now to correct a few factual errors:

The Darwin fish is a direct ripoff of an explicitly Christian symbol. The fish is an ancient Christian symbol, dating from the late first century, It has nothing to do with any other religion or deity at all. SO no, you're not "denying" Allah or anyone else. If you think so, you're mournfully ignorant of history. And comments like "If Christians have died for their beliefs, oh well, that's their problem, get over it." perfectly illustrate to me the problems with atheism -- a definite lack of concern and compassion.

I'm sorry you've encountered some idiots who claim to be Christians. Unfortunately, there are some in every bunch; thankfully, they're in the minority. I've encountered many atheists who are exactly like those idiot Christians -- in fact, judging from your "Bozo" comment, I'd say you're one yourself. Either that, or you're one of those Internet posers who likes to hide behind a fake name and troll blogs -- guess I'll find out after I email you to see if it bounces or not. As I said, thanks for proving my point.

And Temple -- I tend to agree with you about Goldberg. That's what made this article stand out to me, that I actually agreed with him.

Posted by Warren at July 28, 2008 07:02 PM

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