Comments: You Magnificent Bastard, I'm Reading Your Book!

Rommel's book, Infanterie Greift An, is excellent. It is published in English as "Attacks" and was one of my favorite books as an infantry lieutenant. It is about Rommel's career as a platoon leader and company commander in WWI. He was in a mountain warfare unit that saw action on the French, Romanian, and Italian fronts, so his WWI experience was quite different from the usual slogging through the trenches.

In Patton, they show it as "The Tank in Attack" which always makes me cringe. Rommel had no experience with tanks prior to the 1930s.

Posted by The Abbot at May 20, 2008 10:18 AM

Rommel and von Manstein were about as honorable as the German Army got. If I remember correctly, von Manstein was acquitted by the Nuremberg Tribunals because he refused to promulgate the infamous Commissar Order in his sector of the Eastern Front. Rommel, of course, was forced to commit suicide by the Nazis after his implication in the bomb plot.

I regard them as decent men caught up in service to the worst cause imaginable. Von Manstein's book "Lost Victories" is also a classic.

Posted by The Abbot at May 20, 2008 10:24 AM