Comments: Gratuitous Llama Lliterary Praise

Interesting stuff.

What's funny to me is how politics is discussed in terms of mythic kingship, usually by folks on the left. I am always nauseated by how Kennedy's rather mediocre presidency is always characterized by the press as being some sort of benevolent monarchy, Camelot, and so forth. We're seeing the same sort of mythic interpretation of Barack Obama, even to the point where he is taking on Mosaic/Christological aspects -- he will save us, transform us, and lead us out of bondage to the evil Pharoah, Bushitler. It's Christological because we are being asked to accept Obama's abilities simply by virtue of his person, without any criticism of his beliefs, philosophy, resume, lack of any apparent achievements, etc. Like Christ in the Bible, we Pharisees who ask such questions of Obama clearly do not recognize who He is, because we lack the gift of faith. At least in the Gospels, Christ gave us signs -- miracles, healings, exorcisms, etc.

Barack wants the aura but until they give us a myth or a miracle that explains his authority over this world (Barack pulled the sword from the stone, Barack healed the lepers) I'm not buying any of it.

I could live in a monarchy, I could live in a republic, but the confusion of archetypes between the two always leaves me mistrustful. The left wants a monarchy. It wants King Arthur. Or better yet, it wants good King Richard to return and banish evil King John. That's their fantasy.

Posted by The Abbot at May 30, 2008 10:00 AM

Read the SF trilogy as a teen, which probably means I didn't really understand them, but I thought "That Hideous Strength" was the most entertaining of the three.

Posted by mojo at May 30, 2008 10:09 AM