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Can't/won't go over there after seeing the first 'Tillman got what he deserved'.
I'm sick of the people who are so insecure or self-loathing that they want others to suffer or hate as well.
I don't understand it and wish never to see it again, but more and more it flourishes...

I need another cup of coffee, obviously! ;)

Posted by pam at April 29, 2004 07:32 AM

People like that really don't deserve comment but.

They need a dose of reallity, a close up - in your face - look at death. One where you can feel the corpse, smell the odor of death, taste it even, that which was your best buddy moments ago, his warm blood splattered all over you, or that buddy who was captured and chopped to bits by your foe. Rub them in it, make them handle the dead especially if it is one of their own. None of that sanitised bullshit you get on TV, Don't forget those bastions of the left (Campus's) are terrorist targets too.

Honor Pat Tillman.

You left wing bastards will never measure up his standards.

Posted by Jack at April 29, 2004 09:09 PM

Cum summam patrimoni insculpere saxo!

Posted by vimax at April 8, 2005 01:13 PM
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