Comments: The State Of The Race

Dream on Peggy. The cable news networks are all agog today with Barack and Hillary unifying in of all places Unity, New Hampshire. How symbolic. What a media coup.
Meanwhile where is the McCain mutiny? Off in Ohio courting a lot of pissed off, layed off auto workers most of whom wouldn't vote for Jesus Christ if he had an "R" after his name.
Let's not forget the already overwhelmingly liberal MSM. The media types are standing on the threshold of history and they know it. Giddy at the opportunity to cover the first Black candidate with a real shot at the Presidency. This is as good as the camelot days that their equally liberal parents spoonfed them on in their youth.
Of course, the prospect of covering THE first Black President is much more exciting than covering the race so, ever so slowly, the proportion of press coverage slips more and more toward Obama(just to help history know) and McCain is left eating dust.
The manifestations of this are already obvious.
Obama's position on the issues changes like the wind but the media poo.poo's this. "He's growing as a candidate"..."He's learning"..."A savvy political move to the center"....without a hint of hypocrisy.
It only get's better. If the media does elect the first Black President then they must protect him.
It would be unthinkable that the first Black President be a failure. If Obama proves to be as incompetent as he could be, look forward to the biggest media snowjob imaginable.
The future could be very trying indeed....

Posted by Tbird at June 27, 2008 01:31 PM