Comments: Declining even further.

Hmmm... coulda sworn I had previously mentioned that it got hotter than all Hell there in the summer ;)

Posted by Shadoglare at July 22, 2008 09:17 PM

It's Okla-feckin'-homa, dude: you'll freeze yer arse off in winter & sweat yer bollocks off in summer.

Ya didn't know? ;-)

Posted by Wes at July 22, 2008 10:33 PM

Want me to send an emergency icepack and a ginormous bottle of Green Gold Bond?

Posted by og at July 23, 2008 07:28 AM

Two words: Baby Powder.

Posted by Navy CPO at July 23, 2008 08:44 AM

Hmmph. Tulsa is a place we go to cool off in July and August.

Posted by Peter at July 23, 2008 01:18 PM

To think I was uncomfortable with the temps here. Damm, it's feeling cooler here already!!

Posted by red at July 24, 2008 08:42 AM