Comments: Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man?

My Fair Lady. Henry 'iggins complaining about Eliza in sprechstimme lite.

Posted by ninaradio at December 3, 2008 01:29 PM

Ding ding ding! And the music major wins!

Posted by Jordana at December 3, 2008 01:38 PM

Well, she beat me...but that musical is one of the best ever. "Why can't the English teach their children how to speak?"

Posted by Bridge at December 3, 2008 01:38 PM

lol My blog was rated at 88% female. My hubby's website was rated at 88% male. Salt and pepper set, I guess. My stamping website gets a 92% male rating (??). Not much text. I guess that is more "man-like"? hah

Posted by Kim at December 3, 2008 02:26 PM