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I have always thought Costco and Sam's were totally overrated. Do you really get good deals on mass quantities o'stuff or do you just have to get out and about and shop less? LOL If it is the latter than I say it's worth it.

Posted by c.a. Marks at January 4, 2009 06:02 AM

Glad you're feeling better!

Here you can't get into stores, they're so crowded! I don't know the reason for the disparity... just a different region of the country?

Posted by pam at January 4, 2009 06:22 AM

Mmmmm...can I have the leftovers from your crockpot? There's nothing like home cooking!

Posted by Pasadena Closet Conservative at January 4, 2009 03:19 PM

"Nathan Fillion is seriously Captain Hammer now and forever more."

I know! I KNOW!!!!

(And ditto on killing Wash. I watched "Knight's Tale" with the Bear the other day and when I saw Wat (Alan Tudyk) all I could think was; He killed Wash!!!)

Posted by Elizabeth at January 5, 2009 11:47 AM

glad you're feeling better
hugs to you, because i need them, too

Posted by wRitErsbLock at January 6, 2009 09:59 AM

I was stunned when Wash died -- not only was he my favorite character and I identified with him, I genuinely feel it damaged the quality of the Serenity story. Destroying the married couple relationship, the complex dynamic between him, the captain, and his wife, plus how he played off of everyone else... I'm not doing my argument justice here, but for days after first seeing it, all I could think about was new reasons why Serenity became a lackluster story after Wash. Not to mention how it loses the funny. Can't forget about the funny.

Posted by Joe at January 6, 2009 04:49 PM

My husband loves Firefly/Serenity. I like it, too, brain keeps whispering "Capt. Hammer, Capt. Hammer, you little shit..."

Posted by Mrs. Who at January 7, 2009 07:21 PM