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What we did was wrong but not that bad comparred to the cowardly act. It really makes what we did kind of humorus, but still wrong and wont help us in the long run. We will be in this for a while but almopst the whole middleast region isn't happy with us so we might as well do something about it now before the hatered for the USA gets worse, plus VOTE BUSH our countries protection is way more important than most other political issues(environment) but what the hell do i know.

Posted by Luke Silver at May 12, 2004 11:43 PM

Humorous, wrong, kind of wrong, people live in another world. No wonder the neocons showed all their BS down our throats with such little effort.

This stuff is all the fruits of a poisoned tree! Why do we even have to be there. After the main reasons given to us by the administration to invade another country turned out to be plain lies and fabrications, they resort to the after logics like "well, he was a bad guy and tortured his people"...and by the way, we're doing the same thing over there!

This whole mess didn't have to happen and it was totally unnecessary to put our young soldiers in a position that generated the pictures now we're seeing.

The same nation who impeached a president for lying about getting a lousy b.j. is covering ears and eyes and giving a pass on blatant lies. Except these lies are costing thousands of deaths, injuries, and torture as we now find out.

Democracy is so wasted on Americans like you if you can't see how much you've been lied to.

Posted by F.R. at May 13, 2004 04:07 PM

In response to F.R. on May 13 - Let me guess - 19 or 20? Because you obviously haven't lived long enough to understand the difference between youth's "idealism" of the world and adults "realism" of how the world really works. Democracy is wasted on the youth who cannot wait to change what they do not understand and who also have a lack of understanding of the natural progression of the future.

Posted by Wendy at May 23, 2004 11:15 AM

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Posted by cheeses at June 5, 2004 04:21 PM

Well here it is. the simple truth. All of these horrible wars and atrocities are simply scenery in an overall play. An opera. And how does it end? Here is how.
Soon (give it 4 centuries maybe 15) death and hatred will be so overwhelming that man must evolve out of superstitions and religion. Evolve out of the idea that god is a superimposed phenomanon that is arrogantly personified as if he were a man or a He, "out there". When they face their own insignificance in the scheme of things. The idea of God will evolve to an individual concept of experience each man has with his own existence and life. All western thought will return to the nature that has been castrated by religious scriptural propaganda put forth by power systems, who know the cocept of perceptual transfer of godheads to presidents in the infant minds.Eastern religion will evolve to destoy it's layers of caste, brought on by centuries of misuse of the gifts of Sanskrit.All religion will be looked upon as ancient myth, once mixed with warped supersition and politics. They will all be honored as metaphor and symbol. We will look back on peoples who took literal interpretion to scripture, like we look at cavemen who were living before the invention of fire. All practiced religions will vanish.
The swiftest end to these means is the mutual annihalation which we are now witnessing. There are no good and bad guys. Just the usual suspects: denial of reality. When You Die. You Die. But it is life that will go on. The life that YOU are is more precious than the you you THINK you are that will perish forever once you phsically (and mentally) die. there is nothing to worry about. all of us must die so that new life will prevail. Political-religious thought will die so that original thought will prevail. We will return to the garden with or without our "Gods". War isn't the answer. It's the question. The answer is what follows the wars. This is what will be and what has always been.
Opinion will become a thing of the past. It's an ugly beautiful thing. And it hurts. But Life will go on long after all us Gods are dead. Perhaps that is what heavon will be.

Posted by Dan at July 5, 2004 02:36 AM

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Posted by poker me up at December 30, 2004 02:24 PM
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