Comments: Blogicide Reaches Epidemic Proportions

I started reading blogs a year ago quite by accident.

As it stands, I read probably 30 regularly, for a variety of reasons, mostly it's more entertaining than the boob tube. I feel like I know some so well I can guess what they'll say about the topic of the day, before they write. Other's I'll send jokes or new clips to, knowing it had their name written all over it.

I love hearing family stories and even when someone's totally pissed off at an ex or a boss or anything, I either think #1) My day didn't suck so bad, or #2) Gee my day really sucked bad.

Outside of the blog comments, I have learned gardening from Rob, and others have sent me video's, recipes, and words of encouragement.

I feel like I have made friends all over the USA without ever getting on an airplane. And I can express and share opinions without having to worry about the "politically correct moonbats" I'm surrounded by in my in real life, ever getting offended.

I especially like the milbloggers, who keep the war in a perspective that the media ignores, distorts.

I too have noticed several who are going off on a hiatus for summer fun. I hope they come back with lots of new stories to share.

Enjoy your summer!

posted by Sherry on May 14, 2004 12:57 AM

Hey sweetie...(excuse me...Key) you bring up a good point.

I work virtual and I blog virtual, but I still have to go to the store to buy milk and eggs. My life is good...plain and simple. I enjoy doing my blog "thang", but it isn’t the end of the world.

If people blog with the counter in mind; they're not doing it for themselves, they're doing it to prove something to themselves. There is a difference.

Me - I have no traffic to speak of...that's never been my goal, but I'll admit, I like it when people comment on my nonsense.

So, I guess people get discouraged because they don't get the hits of someone like you know whom.

Or, they get busy with stuff they feel is more important.

As I've indicated to you in the past, I'm not a good writer, but I'm a great reader. I right SQL or UNIX scripts very well, but I'm a little dyslexic when it comes to English. Did you get the 'right'? Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t.

So, a little off topic, but who cares.

You've still got the keys to this mess I call my blog. You can open the door anytime you want.

Maybe I should just post more pictures of my puppy.

And maybe, I should read “Eats, Shoots & Leaves”.

Talk to ya.

posted by Sam on May 14, 2004 01:06 AM

Why I read blogs? I started with Jerry Pournelle, the "God-Father of Blog" ( - he called it a "Daybook" for his random thoughts, and it evolved from there. From there, I branched out as more and more thinkers started E-publishing their thoughts.

I started Old Wierd Ward ( because I had the itch to trot my opinions out there, and to note minor family happenings where my friends and family could easily find them. Of course, in the last year, things have changed, and I don't do much "family" stuff anymore - which I fully intend to change in fairly direct order.

"So why do I check out Key's place?" Why not? You're entertaining, and give me the occasional thought to chew on, plus that one intangible that defies rational quantification: I like reading your stuff. So keep on keepin' on.

posted by Ward Gerlach on May 14, 2004 02:02 AM

Key, I'm your fault, and you know it! LOL

Seriously, it's cheaper than hangin' in the bars, what else can I say?

I enjoy reading more than I enjoy writing. Even when I'm in a writing slump, I still read and comment on other's blogs.

The hits can be gratifying, but more meaningful is watching the referers logs. A recent post of mine has been picked up in more odd places, worldwide, than I'd have ever, ever imagined.

And I wrote what they're buzzing about. That's quite a rush, for a hacker such as m'self.

It would be as much a thrill with only 10% of the hits, at that.

Finally, reading YOU is a thrill. You are a unique voice out here. Your insights are incredible, and often give me pause to read.

Keep writing, my dear friend. If for no other reason, than for my own greedy self.

Selfishly yours,

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX

posted by Jim on May 14, 2004 04:44 AM

Hey I have to admit

1) you "fascinate me" [I hear you roar! :-)]

2) you actually wrote and kicked my ass to start writing again.

3) all the other reasons given above by the the other guys

I'm trying to formulate a new post. I have a title but only the hint of a theme. It'll come.

posted by Jesse on May 14, 2004 03:37 PM

I've been wondering about Donnie, too, but I've been a wee bit busy moving to another country and trying to set up a life with only 16 cubic feet of my stuff from the US coming with me.

Why do I write a weblog?

Because I need the practice writing.

Because I'm vain enough to believe I have something important to say and that others should read it.

Because I'm compelled to write, and writing a weblog has more of a "gratification factor" than working on a novel that may never be published or a history of the semiconductor industry that no one will ever care about.

Why do I read weblogs?

To understand how others think, to read their opinions, and to decide if I should or should not modify my opinion.

To laugh (for those weblogs that post jokes or amusing storys a-la LeeAnn).

Why do I read Key Issues?

Because you're not only smart, you're cute, too...

posted by Jack on May 14, 2004 05:39 PM

I started blogging for personal expression [oh, who the hell am I kidding?] okay, to rant and rave about anything I wanted... on blogspot October of 2001. I knew nothing about other blogs until about a year ago I finally moved to MT and my own domain and slowly stopped ranting about personal things and started thinking/ranting more about the news.

I'm losing track of why I blog; everyone on my blogroll does what I do and most of them are better at it.

What I love about blogging now? Something I never expected: I feel a part of a community. No, I don't personally know any other blogger, but there's that veneer of cyber friendship...

I don't feel bad if I miss posting one day, but if I'm so busy I can't read the bloggers on my out of control blogroll, I feel out of touch and a little guilty. ;)

Like you, I love the interaction. Reading and commenting on other sites is part of that for me.
There are sites I read and NEVER comment at, and those that I barely read but always drop a word or two... and those in between. Don't know why.

I obviously need to get a life. :)

posted by pam on May 15, 2004 01:20 AM

Aaaw, you guys are the best.

I promise that I wasn't shamelessly fishing for flattery, but I will shamelessly accept it. ; )

It helps to know what you guys are thinking. When a piece is left commentless, even an ego as healthy as mine is left wondering, "Did they HATE it, or did they simply have nothing to add?"

posted by Key on May 15, 2004 05:53 PM

I asked John about Donnie and he said that Donnie is really really busy right now (they email each other from time to time).

I expect he'll get back to it eventually.

What is it with Gut Rumbles? Has he run away from home? Seems like maybe he has.

With my crazy schedule, I don't get to read everyone every day, and I spend a lot of time on weekends trying to catch up.

posted by Beth Donovan on May 15, 2004 11:03 PM

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