Comments: Look what the pretty rich kids are driving in Peachtree City!

Not to worry. The way kids around here obey traffic laws (which is to say, NOT!), I'm sure I'll have occasion to run over that thing with my Bronco. And I have a friend on the PTC police force. Muuuhuhuwahahahaha!

Posted by McGehee at May 15, 2004 07:54 PM

LOL! I love it! I want one!!!

Posted by Tuning Spork at May 16, 2004 09:20 PM

Sweeeeeeet!! Kinda tricked out like my ride........cept I'm rollin on silver 19s. Them look like some chrome 21s. (Oreo Ebonics? Hah!)

Thinking bout some black kwenty's, though - should look nice on a large silver coupe with dark smoke tint, ay?

You feelin me?

Posted by Beau at May 17, 2004 03:18 PM

All this time, and all I had to do was develop some extreme personality disorders & I could have been driving one of those hot rods.

Maybe I can get a vampire to bite me or something.

Posted by Beck at May 18, 2004 02:02 AM
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