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Given the statistics of mental illness in the US we might conclude that certain members of Congress could also be ill. Given that, might we also assume that it might be possible for a Presidential candadate to fall under this act? If so how could he or she exercise their duty in a crisis as Commander by issuing orders to use, say, a few atomic weapons? Oh well given the usual way Congress has their way we'll probably see a lot of loop holes for the blessed, to get out from under the act.

Posted by Brian Weaver at June 3, 2004 09:23 PM

Given the statistics of mental illness in the US we might conclude that certain members of Congress could also be ill.

Schumer, McCarthy, Feinstein, etc...

(...half joking. If you read some of their speeches on firearms they come off as very unhinged.)

Posted by Patrick Chester at June 4, 2004 12:58 AM

On behalf of the state of NY, excluding NYC... I apologize for our horrible choice in senators. (I didn't vote for either Schumer or Clinton...) I never take responsibility for NYC, because it is what it is...

Posted by Ethne at June 4, 2004 07:46 PM

Oh Ethne, honey, that's why you need to relocate to Colorado! Out here, we have Ben Nighthorse Campbell and Wayne Allard, both notable conservatives, even if we have to count that dreadful Marilyn Musgrave among them. (Real hyper-authoritarian, that one!)

I guess there are bad apples in every bunch.

So...whadaya say? Colorado? Eh? Eh?

Posted by Linda at June 4, 2004 08:55 PM

I am unusually late responding to these comments because my Internet connection was cancelled yesterday by my local server -- apparently due to a misunderstanding over revised terms of service -- and it was not restored until today, Sunday June 6.

Taking your comments in order:

I have no doubt, Brian, that Congress will drill its own Mental Health Loophoole. Since the beginning of the Republic, Congress has been exempt from arrest and prosecution ("except treason, felony and breach of the peace"), for which see Article I, Section 6 of the U.S. Constitution. Congress also routinely exempts itself from many of its own laws. Google: "Congressional Exemptions."

And yes, Patrick, certain members of Congress are almost certainly certifiable. In my region, the name that immediately comes to mind is Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), who clings to the clinically suggestive delusion that Osama bin Laden built "day care centers" for the children of (viciously oppressed) Islamic women.

The problem, Ethne, is that the people in the urban Northeast are collectively such cowards, they are now outlawing all individual expressions of bravery -- lest it cause the craven masses unnecessary embarrassment. That is the psychological foundation of the assault on the Second Amendment and indeed the attack on the individual right to self defense. And Linda is absolutely correct: come west -- or better yet go to Alaska. Or go south...

Posted by loren at June 6, 2004 11:32 AM