Comments: Focal Point

From the article it appears that Barbara Boxer is to blame. Boxer's pathetic non-effort to free Wilson should be a rebuke to anyone who voted for Boxer.

That SacBee article was very poorly written, more an emotional tug-o-the-heart than an attempt to relate factual information. I wonder what was left unsaid.

Posted by Bilbo at June 14, 2004 07:22 PM

Bilbo, many of the same questions occurred to me.

I didn't get the same "blame-Barbara" sense you did, but there's never been a time I didn't think California would be better off without Boxer in office. Too bad about her name; there's a real danger it might besmirch the reputation of a truly wonderful breed of dogs.

Don't know anything about Rep. Bob Filner (D-San Diego), and Googling him turned up nothing outrageous -- he's yet another anti-Second Amendment, environmentally radical Democrat, but he apparently locked horns with President Clinton over some foreign trade issues, so he may have a streak of genuine independence nevertheless.

As to the columnist Marjie Lundstrom, I'm not at all familiar with her work, so I don't know if she's always that scatterbrained or if maybe she was just having a bad day. But her style of writing -- injected into mainstream journalism by feminists as a protest against the alleged "patriarchal oppression" of logically developed prose -- is an expression of our deteriorating literacy, something I see entirely too much of.

The unjustified imprisonment of Americans in Mexico -- usually so corrupt Mexican police can drain gringo bank accounts -- is much more commonplace than people realize, so I take Lundstrom's claims pretty much at face value. When I was at Oakland Army Terminal in 1961 awaiting shipment to Korea via the U.S.S. Mann, there were at least a dozen people who were AWOL from the troop contingent of approximately 3200 soldiers. I heard every one of these men were later found in (and rescued by the government from) Mexican jails, where they were all being indefinitely held without charges; apparently they had decided to spend their last few days of pre-overseas leave south of the border, and were essentially kidnapped for ransom by Mexican officials. For that reason alone -- and I know a lot of similar horror stories from other sources too -- Mexico has always seemed to me like a good place to avoid.

Posted by loren at June 15, 2004 11:17 AM