Comments: Black Caucus members want to reinstate the draft!

You missed Rangel's explaination of why he put this out there.

1. It was to point out that the troop rotation is too hard on them. He wants the U.S. out of some areas, and by bringing up the idea of the draft, he's hoping to force a discussion.

2. What he proposed has far less exclusions than previous drafts. For example, no college deferment. So, in effect, he would get a broader cross section of people.

With that background, "So now I ask you. Who really has black folks' best interests at heart, and who is selling out our children for "thirty pieces of silver?" I think your comment is a little off base.

Posted by DarkStar at June 16, 2004 07:07 PM

To the contrary any legislation is like the proverbial sausage. Once loosed on the congress critters it morphs, evolves, and just plain turns into a frank...........

Praise Allen.

Posted by dorf at June 16, 2004 08:18 PM

Rangel's explanation is one thing. His real motive is another--to try to make the war unpopular enough among college students that they start revolting in the streets like back in 1968. Why? Because you create a generation of morons that you can manipulate--see liberal baby boomers, for example.

Except that Rangel & Co are going to have a hard time explaining why they pushed those kids into the draft in the first place.

Posted by Brainster at June 17, 2004 03:46 AM
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