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Hide the children!

Posted by Harvey at June 17, 2004 01:22 PM

You ain't even SEEN hate speech yet! I might even go off the deep end and waggle my finger! Don't make me go and add my "Stern Look"(tm) to the equation either. The Geneva Accords have specifically banned it from use. :)

Posted by Johnny - Oh at June 17, 2004 04:40 PM

No! Not the Stern Look™! Especially not with that scar!!!

Posted by Susie at June 18, 2004 06:50 AM

Aren't you contradicting yourself when you end the post with "Peace"....

Posted by BS at June 18, 2004 07:27 AM

That's right Susie. MAke sure that they don't force me to use it. Think of the children!

BS: As a matter of fact, it was a little contradictory of me to end with "Peace" there, but I think Ted Striker said it best when he said, "I guess irony can get pretty ironic sometimes". :^)

Posted by Johnny - Oh at June 18, 2004 08:16 AM
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