Comments: Hillary: "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good."

Well, we all know that's what the left wants to do, but I'm absolutely shocked that one of them came out and said it openly. Now we just have to make sure that this story isn't simply buried or glossed over by the old media.

Posted by MacBeth at June 29, 2004 07:59 PM

Beware of anyone taking away anything of yours "on behalf of the common good"

Posted by Fausta at June 29, 2004 08:10 PM

If that photo of Hillary doesn't SCREAM for a caption contest, I don't know what does!

Posted by Julie Anne Fidler at June 30, 2004 01:03 AM

Who gets to decide what is in the 'common good'?

Hillary Lenin-Clinton? I don't think so.

Posted by cole at June 30, 2004 01:21 PM

Don't let any American voter forget this.


Posted by GSEDDB at September 11, 2005 09:32 PM
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