Comments: Not Easily Stimulated These Days

beach? what beach? where, when??

i'll be in destin 7/11 - 7/16 with a built-in babysitter...any overlap of time or place? i know y'all love seagrove...if you're going there i'd be just 20 mins away. with lots of tiki bars in between!!

i would LOOOVE to have a girls' beach day with you. woot!

posted by kelley on June 29, 2004 09:38 PM

Stimulate your blog? What if I'd rather stimulate something else????

posted by Jack on June 29, 2004 09:39 PM

Seagrove it is, Kelley. But actually, I was planning on coming back the 6th.

Of course, we could always FORCE our trips to show up on the 6th and I'll stay til the 11th! Oh yeah...that sounds like a plan. :-D

Jack, on the advice of counsel, I decline to answer... ; )

posted by Key on June 29, 2004 10:57 PM

I'll mind your house while you're away... if you let me wear your dainty underwear the way I did last time. (on my HEAD!)

posted by Acidman on June 30, 2004 01:41 AM

Rob, those must have been Munuvian time you stagger through town, make sure you choose the right door! ; )

posted by Key on June 30, 2004 02:31 AM

Don't look at your numbers from Sitemeter... it's really messed up the last few days... it had me for 7 visitors per day over the last week... my cPanel says 328...

posted by Madfish Willie on June 30, 2004 02:44 AM

Oh lordy, you really aren't going to give acidman the keys again, are you?? He went through all your dresser drawers the last time and, well, it was just indecent the things he did!! Made me blush,,,

posted by Michele on June 30, 2004 02:59 AM

Key - Have a good trip.

posted by Sam on June 30, 2004 03:25 PM

Clancy and O'Malley want to come too

posted by Jesse on June 30, 2004 03:48 PM

Dear Key:

What the Hell -- I've been thinking about blogging again - if you trust me with the 'keys'; I promise to play nice.... Who knows? Maybe I'll start another one....



posted by Will on July 2, 2004 05:06 AM
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