Comments: Donning the Beret

Fantastic! More! *applause*

Oh, and please remove that beret. Joking about puppy-smoothies and murdering hobos is all very well, but wearing french headgear is just plain wrong, Bro! ;-)

Posted by Sally at June 30, 2004 06:26 PM

Yes Ma'am! From this point forward, I'll just put on a pair of paintstained coveralls, and go for it! Nothing French here, please move along. ;)

Posted by Johnny - Oh at June 30, 2004 11:49 PM

Definitely more!

Even though MY house picture was CLEARLY superior to yours, since my special-secret-shaky-hand-technique is more clearly visible in every single line. :-P

Posted by Harvey at July 1, 2004 02:11 PM
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