Comments: AQ threatens to behead Filipino; Philippines caves to threat

I wonder what Freud would say about the fact that I first read the post title as, "AP threatens to behead Filipino..."

Posted by Beck at July 8, 2004 08:17 PM

Doesn't that just make you angry? I remember hearing that and thinking the same thing, Mike...."She caved. Which means we'll see more of this kind of crap."

What a pansy-ass country...

I did read that there's less than 100 troops over there so the Filipino involvement was mostly just "symbolic" but still...Sheesh, have a little backbone....

Posted by dmiller23462 at July 9, 2004 05:23 AM

But note that they seem to be targeting the small fries involved in the liberation and rebuilding of Iraq. The Philipines had only 100 troops on the ground? What's the point of threatening to behead a captive over 100 soldiers? And why is the Philipine president concerned about workers in Iraq but not in Saudi Arabia? I think the terrorists are just desperate to show that they still have power and influence.

Posted by Samantha at July 10, 2004 06:37 PM

Now it seems that they are NOT pulling out....WTH????

Posted by dmiller23462 at July 11, 2004 04:49 PM

Guess they couldn't have waiting just another week....Sheesh....Pathetic...Read the latest here on CNN.......

Unbelievable....Oh well, wonder who will cave next....

Posted by dmiller23462 at July 13, 2004 10:37 AM
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