Comments: Culture? Whut's 'at?

...I really expected more from you, Johnny... you've let me down... everyone knows that John Wayne could snap Eastwood in half like a dry little twig... I mean, c'mon boy... Eastwood may have had the STARE, but Wayne had the best "let's roll" lines... remember that scene in True Grit?... so, I must respectfully beg to differ with the Extremist on this salient point...

...and, with all that said, welcome to the RTB!!!

Posted by Eric at July 9, 2004 05:29 PM

Always controvertial am I. Nothing like sparking up a debate. "Fill your hands you sonofabitch!" I believe is the one you're referring to, and I've got to admit it sure beats the hell out of "Do you feel lucky?". Damnit, I shoulda said both.

Thanks for the welcome!

Posted by Johnny - Oh at July 9, 2004 06:18 PM

I get UPN with an antenna. I guess maybe Fox is a little more trashy but I like UPN better because they're the only broadcast network that has anything remotely resembling a sci-fi series.

Posted by Lynn S at July 12, 2004 08:13 AM

Omg thats right! Please come see me and my friends! ;)

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