Bullshitters on: Beer Warning!

What is this... Beer... that you speak of? And where moght I get some?

bullshit by Scott R ~ March 26, 2019 ~ 02:59 AM

Dammit! Who leaked that shit?! Is nothing sacred anymore.

Damn, now we'll have to have another top secret meeting to find some other hook. Hmmm...I wonder about those things they call snake bites? Those might work. Oh, never mind. You have to get the dosage just right or you can forget about the sex in the no strings attached sex thing.

bullshit by Tammi ~ March 26, 2019 ~ 02:59 AM

Too much beer and you'll need those strings... at least that's what Harbey tells me....

bullshit by Mudfish Billie ~ March 26, 2019 ~ 02:59 AM