Comments: CIA Agent supposedly beheaded on web video by AQ


Posted by RS at August 11, 2004 05:37 PM

Check out my terrorist checklist on my blog...Sheesh, those guys...

Posted by dmiller23462 at August 11, 2004 07:58 PM

Ben Vanderford is one of the CatsBrains of the week.

Posted by Wild Bill at August 12, 2004 04:41 PM

Sorry to drop this in comment box. There is a new video out.

Posted by Rusty Shackleford at August 13, 2004 01:21 PM

I think this person (supposedly CIA agent) was still alive.

I think they saw that he was an American CIA agent (from ID papers) and beat him up really badly. Must have had a severe beating.

These people are not Iraqis. They are foreign islamic Al Qaeda groups (mostly recruited from Saudi ARabia, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Persian Gulf countries etc) flocking to Iraq to cause trouble.

They even shoot Iraqis (their own kind ie. muslims/arabs) that work for the US army like Iraqi women who do the laundry for US military and Iraqi translaters.

Iraqis would never bomb their own with car bombings. It never happened when Saddam Hussein was in power.

Car bombings & beheadings are an Al Qaeda hallmark.

I mean look at that American contractor (Mr Hamil) that was kidnapped in Iraq by Iraqi militants. They treated him humanely and well for a month before he escaped. If the Zarqawi group had captured him I think he would have been beheaded.

I noticed almost all of these beheadings are done by the Jordanian Al Qaeda linked Zarqawi group. Because if you look at their flag in the background it's a black flag with yellow sun in the middle. This is their group.

I mean look at Jessica Lynch, she was injured combatant, the Iraqis took her to a hospital and even put her in an Iraqi ambulance and drove her to an American checkpoint to return her but they were fired upon by trigger happy US soldiers.

I think the CIA agent was so demoralized and was already prepared for death that he didn't want to put up any physical resistance. He knew it was hopeless and they were going to kill him anyway.

He's obviously alive because one of the terrorists told him to open his eyes and he did so weakly and also he lifted his hands up and down a few times.

I don't think he was dead when they beheaded him. I think he gave up all hope and said let them get it over with.

His jaw looks broken and his eyes is all bruised. He must have gotten a severe beating.

Remember there are many different groups operating in Iraq.

There are even news reports of some Iraqi groups that have threatened to kill Zarqawi and his terrorist group because they claim Zarqawi has killed scores of innocent Iraqis and have beheaded foreingers. They don't all work hand in hand.

Posted by John Doe at August 26, 2004 12:16 PM
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