Comments: AQ claims to have downed AA flight over Brooklyn in 2001

A dear friend of mine, who has sinced passed, conveyed this to me regarding that downed flight. He was in the know because he worked on that specific maintenance line for AA, where that specific Airbus had received it's most recent heavy check. Based upon internal investigations done by AA and engineers, all vertical stabilizers of an Airbus A-300 is made of material that is not a metal alloy, as in most aircraft. There had been reports of small stress fractures on A-300's where the vertical stabilizer and fuselage where joined. And with regards to this particular aircraft the vertical stabilizer suffered a catastrophic clean break from the fuselage, sending the plane into an uncontrolled spin, into a queens neighborhood. Now whether this incident was a result of pilot error or aircraft vortices that is still somewhat of a mystery but in no way was this incident a direct result of terrorism.

Posted by Willy at August 28, 2004 12:54 PM
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