Comments: Convention Blogging?

Thanks Mama, here's as complete a list of RNC bloggers that I could find. I know Matt will keep the press's feet to the fire. It's doubtful that the medias love fest that was displayed at the DNC will be extended to the RNC so it will be up to these folks to inform us truthfully.

David Adesnik (OxBlog)
Bill Ardolino (INDC Journal)
Kevin Aylward (WizBang)
Tom Bevan (Real Clear Politics)
Ben Domenech (
Hugh Hewitt (
John Hinderaker (PowerLine)
Matt Margolis (
Edward Morrissey (
Alan Nelson (The Command Post)
Brian Reich (Campaign Web Review)
Scott Sala (Slant Point)
Karol Sheinin (Spot On)
Roger L. Simon (Roger L. Simon)
Josh Trevino (Tacitus)

Posted by Jack at August 29, 2004 02:25 PM
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