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"Bible" means "Library". It's a collection of writings, or rather, a SELECTION of writings spanning a thousand year period. I studied it at University from an academic i.e non-religious point of view, and the fact that the literature included in the Bible was SELECTED says it all. Social Control, pure and simple. It's amazing how many things are lost in context/translation. For instance, "thou shalt not kill". In the original Aramaic, the "kill" meant "murder for no reason". Revenge killings and Just Wars were perfectly acceptable. As they should be.

And to think I was brought up to believe that one doesn't discuss politics or religion in polite society! Sorry, Mom, but I can't spend my life debating which shade of lip-gloss to wear ;-)

Posted by Sally at September 1, 2004 05:32 PM

Steven Den Beste explains atheism about as well as I've seen it done:

Me, well, being none of the above leaves me with one question I can't answer: How did life start up from non-living matter?

Flat out... I don't know.

But everything else makes sense.

However, if I stuff God in the "I don't know" spot, I get an infinite plethora of questions about the nature, function and purpose of God, to which I must respond... I don't know.

Occam's Razor kicks in right about here, and I go back to pondering my one mysterious little question.

Posted by Harvey at September 1, 2004 06:30 PM

Sally: I must admit that I was raised similarly. Religion and politics are things that aren't to be discussed outside the family unit. That's why it took me three day's to finish this thing. It's not an "easy" subject, but I think that it should be discussed, because it is a "taboo" subject. Thanks much for your input.

Harvey: Steve says it much better than I ever could. This issue is more encompassing than I could ever articulate.

Check Harv's link, then come back and talk.

Posted by Johnny - Oh at September 2, 2004 12:24 AM

Thanks for your thoughts Johnny, i need to digest them some more, but let me start with this one:

If every society throughout history has come up with its own religion, and its own concept of a Higher Being, then this should point us to something innately human that longs to fill a spiritual void inside us.

On the other hand, if religion is merely a way to control the populace, isn't it something of a coincidence that every society throughout history settled on religion, and a concept of a Higher Being to do so? Surely there are other means of controlling the populace, and surely, some societies would have independently created something other than a supernatural ideology? But it just didn't happen.

For me, this contradiction proves that which separates us from the animal kingdom: that we DO have something spiritual and eternal inside each of us -- something that by its very nature looks very much like the Higher Being who claims to have created us in His own image.

Claiming that humans created God instead of the other way around always makes me think of a man standing in front of a mirror arguing with his own reflection:

Man: "I'm the real one, you're just my reflection"
Mirror: "No, I'M the real one, and you're just MY reflection"

Posted by Marty at September 2, 2004 10:24 AM

Hmmm Marty. I can't say that I don't believe in a Higher Power, or the human soul. I just have issues with organised religion. And I think that there is a lot of truth in the Bible. Especially in Genesis, when Adam passes the buck TWICE, by saying that the woman, who YOU created made him eat the fruit. That's human nature alright ;-)

Posted by Sally at September 2, 2004 01:40 PM

Just had to comment on this one. I agree with your views basically, but a part of me wants to believe in a God or higher being. One part of me believes that that higher being may not even be from earth :) I think I watch too many movies, lol. Anyway, all thru my life, religion has felt more like a cult than anything and I hate cults. It's funny to find out you think like that, and you have been under my nose for a long time, and I never knew it, lol.

Posted by Bluegenie2 at October 13, 2004 11:16 PM

Yeah Kathy it's a tough subject, but I've never been shy about tackling tough subjects. Thanks for stopping by. :^)

Posted by Johnny - Oh at October 14, 2004 08:27 PM
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