Comments: Meat in a Loaf

I think I can honestly say I've never met a meatloaf I didn't like. (provided it's fully cooked, that is)

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm hungry.

Posted by LittleA at September 10, 2004 02:57 PM

When Mrs. A gets home to spoil you some more, perhaps she can make this for you.

Posted by Jordana at September 10, 2004 03:35 PM

Who couldn't help but like meatloaf? So basic ... so hearty ... so American.

I have a request for your Friday recipe. Do you have anything innovative involving zucchini? My friend's garden has been growing it like crazy, but beyond frying it or making zucchini bread, there isn't much else I know to do with it. I did have some wonderful creamed zucchini soup that someone else made, but I did not ask how to make it.

Posted by bob_l at September 10, 2004 04:24 PM