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Thank you!

I thought this day would get easier to get through as time went on rather than harder. With my own son preparing to report for duty in a few days and being deployed again I find this year even tougher.

You are right about the anger. It is still there just below the surface but so is my sorrow for all those who were lost and for all those who have given their lives since. It is what keeps me going and doing what I do in support of our troops. I am sure it will keep me going for quite a while.


Posted by Keystone at September 11, 2004 01:48 PM

It was indeed a horrible day. In several towns near where I live, the cars that were parked at the train stations for the morning commute into NYC on 9/11 that were still there the following day told the tale. A friend of mine who lives in a town that was particularly hard hit told me that his church lost 70 parishioners.

It was a very hard day -- one that I shall never forget.

Posted by Jim - PRS at September 11, 2004 06:45 PM

We can never forget or forgive.
I will never forget the call from my teen aged daughter ,the fear in her voice,as I tried to reassure her even though ,I had a swelling sense of dread .
The when she called back I knew we were at war.
My reassurence seemed kind of thin ...I told her it would be okay and to calm down .
And went into machine mode.I had crews who were escorted off a well known Military base and I went into pissed off mode .
I am still there .
The night before I had an Idyllic Birthday Party with all the good that goes with that.
It was beautiful day here in Tampa,and the president was not far talking to kids.
I will never forget our loss that day.
A lot of people I went to school with in Whycoff and Ridgewood NJ lost family.
We must keep a stiff upper lip The war on terror will last a long time...
Cheers V

Posted by LC NeilV at September 13, 2004 05:12 PM
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