Comments: Wild adventures in Friday night bloggin'

"I mean, ya ain't got to be an Asian man to be lookin' for a way to successfully date white women."
LOL! True dat!

Posted by Jamille at September 24, 2004 07:50 PM

I knew that there was something fishy about My Pet Jawa; I wonder if he only blogs while wearing a hat.

Thanks for the linkage. Consider yourself blogrolled ...

Posted by Leopold Stotch at September 25, 2004 11:47 AM

Lies!! All lies!!!!!! I am the real "Rusty Shackleford"!!!

And by "real", I mean "fake"

Posted by RS at September 25, 2004 04:09 PM

I'll stop laughin', hopefully, soon!

Posted by Tiger at September 25, 2004 04:32 PM

Whoah--you mean the Pod People have been around THAT long?!

Well...I guess that would explain John Kerry... ;-)

Hi Tig! We're almost done with the move, so I'll be back to bloggin' again! :-)


Posted by Denita TwoDragons at September 26, 2004 09:32 AM