Comments: INDC Journal: CBS' Bob Schiffer on Rathergate

Schieffer says "...we've appointed some distinguished outside people to help us figure out how not to make that mistake again..." but that presumes two things: that it was an honest mistake and that Dan Rather's ideology is amenable to "correction" by Dick Thornburgh.

CBS (and Cronkite, in particular) have done a lot over the years to buttress such crap as the Warren Commission Report; this is (on an admittedly lower level) just another instance of using the cover of authority and ostensible objectivity to save the appearance of concern.

Posted by Toby Petzold at September 27, 2004 11:36 PM

I am 61 years old and have always respected your news work. The questions you asked in the pres. debate were pathetic and appeared scripted by the Republican Party. Why no question about Bush's horrible environmental record? It's time for you to consider're not tough and suspicious enough for the work.
Alan Goldsmith

Posted by alan at December 26, 2004 05:32 PM
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