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Your right Mama, YOUR FIRED! LOL

Posted by delftsman3 at September 28, 2004 01:11 AM

Obviously, he doesn't know enough to never mess with She Who Must Be Obeyed, does he?

Sometimes I think the only reason we've made 31 years is that, even in my darker moments, I realize that "She Knows Where I Sleep" and she also knows where the baseball bats are!

Apologize, you cad! Do it Now!!

Posted by GOC in Winston Salem at September 28, 2004 04:16 AM

Very funny, Bert is like almost all men, sometimes we can't walk and chew gum, at the same time. But you ladies want what we men have, a DICK.

Posted by Catfish at September 28, 2004 05:48 AM

Believe me GOC, I haven't slept easy since I made that remark! YOU try sleeping in a set of full body armor! I just hope she doesn't decide to forgo the bats and go on to the Enfield, the armor won't stop a .303...

Besides, I forgot SHE holds all the money, so she merely re-hired herself; with a good raise, no less.

Posted by delftsman3 at September 28, 2004 07:02 PM
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