Comments: Philippine Ferry update

I agree. I am a 'classic' liberal. Equal opportunity with a safety net so that even the children of the lazy will not go hungry, homeless, unclothed or uneducated. That is a classic liberal viewpoint. The Democratic party that I was loyal to for decades has been hijacked by leftists and socialists who measure equal opportunity by equal results with a demand for lifelong entitlements that will bring the strongest economy in the world to a screeching halt if left unchecked. The free speech movement that my liberal friends cheered (even when speech was not actually under assault) are now the supporters of the speech code movement with a unapologetic goal of vilifying or criminalizing 'other' speech. The Democratic Party abandoned not only me, but also the principles that attracted the majority of Americans to consider it as the populist party.

Posted by mikem at October 12, 2004 04:12 PM